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Mike Read - Scottish Wildlife

Wednesday 10th December 2014

An Evening with Mike Read, a professional Wildlife & Landscape photographer, writer, tour guide and Lecturer living on the edge of the New Forest.

For many people, an annual visit to Scotland is a ‘must’ for their birding calendar and on clear days the scenery can be dramatic. Mike’s presentation covers all seasons. Winter on Islay hosts thousands of Barnacle and White-fronted Geese enjoying the warming influence of the Alantic’s Gulf Stream. Heavy winter snow in Cairngorms provides a background for Mountain Hares and Ptarmigan which turn white to match their surroundings. In spring and summer  there are many birds visiting to breed. The presentation shows life of grouse moors, mountains, ancient Caledonian pine forest, the west and north coasts for seabird cliffs and the magical Flow Country.

Further information can be found on this flier:  Mike Read