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Recent Events


'My Take on Nature' an Evening with Brian Chard

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Brian, born in Poole has a keen life long interest in nature especially birds, this interest has less to his   photography. An extremely interesting talk from Brian with his in depth knowledge illuminated by his suburb images.

For more information visit http://www.photo-wildlife.co.uk  


"Practical Guide to Improving your Landscape & close up Wildlife images "  with Chris Button

Wednesday 30th January 2019

 Chris has seen 450 species of birds in Britain travelling 40,000 miles to see most of Britain's Butterflies, Orchids, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers & Bumblebees, this interest led Chris to macro photography and whilst visiting inspiring and beautiful locations to landscape photography   

 For more information visit http://www.chrisbuttonphotography.co.uk 


"The Minds Eye" Presented by Paul Sanders

Wednesday 31st October 2018

A brilliant captivating talk by Paul Sanders took the audience through a range of emotion delightfully crafted from the dark depths of a breakdown through a recovery by photography with a clever natural balance with just a touch of humour resulting in an uplifting evening inspiring the audience to a new approach to their own photography.

For further information about Paul and his workshops see http://www.paulsanders.biz